Reader Comments

I absolutely loved this book. Witty and well-written, I enjoyed every step of this couple’s journey through their year in Italy. If you are looking for a book that’s NOT your typical travelogue, and want to snuggle in and lose yourself in an adventure (one which you can easily imagine for yourself), then this is the book for you. Kudos to the talented couple for sharing their special year.”   MickieMac

Nancy and John dance the alternating chapters from the conception of their idea to spend a year in Italy to their return to the US a year later. The reader follows them, tasting, cooking, rushing to the hospital for medical emergencies, standing in frustrating lines for hours, and glorying in art and architecture as the partners hold hands and explore.”   stormy

Witty, charming, funny and heart warming…this is the story of love and adventure, of history, art, beauty and culture…but most of all; of relationships and our true connection with our neighbors and friends waiting to meet us. John and Nancy’s story reminds us of what is important in life and how to live a dream.”   Donna Schanel

“This little book was a stocking gift, a treat, and big surprise. I knew I’d like it but in truth, I loved it. I felt like I was the third traveller, loved seeing Italy thought the authors eyes and meeting new friends. My mind was as active as my eyes and the memories conjured were my own. Read it if you want to learn and smile, and you too may just have to share it with friends who are closet Italians.”    Dorthea C Pfohl