Review: The Lost Painting by Jonathan Harr


Nancy says:

We saw this painting while in Italy and I was fascinated with the premise of The Lost Painting. The story, which follows a young art researcher, a painting restorer and an international art expert, reveals the mysteries of the art world as well as the mystery of how “The Taking of Christ” was lost and found. When we lived in Italy I was constantly struck by all the tiny slips of paper the Italians keep–the record of every single transaction. Now I understand how valuable they can be.

I loved Jonathan Harr’s A Civil Action and was anxious to see how he handled this new topic. While the story isn’t quite as compelling (nobody’s going to die) I learned so much about the process of discovery, preservation and the politics of the art world that I found this latest book fascinating.

If you enjoy seeing great art, or just an interesting real-life mystery, you’ll like this book.