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We love sharing books. The little group of men and women who came together nearly 19 years ago to talk about that first book still meets every month. Our tastes have evolved over time, but we read fiction and non-fiction. Often we choose a book because we want to learn about a place or an issue.

When we began, John started recording our Book Desirability Index (BDI) in a monthly newsletter. At the end of our discussion each member offers their “word and number.” There’s no rule about how the rating must be done, just 1-10, and a word that summarizes the book or the readers’ experience. It’s been interesting to see how people choose their word and how the ratings can vary across the group. Check out the Books We Love page for suggestions for your own book club.

Of course, we’d love to have you read Not in a Tuscan Villa. If you do, and you’d like us to visit with your club via SKYPE, contact us to schedule a time.

Here’s a photo of Tammy’s book club from Atlanta, Georgia.


Tell us about your book club.

What makes it special? Why do you enjoy sharing the reading experience.

6 thoughts on “Book Club Corner

  1. My book club, Circle of Friends, has been together for over 10 years. We have 9 group members who range in age from 55 to 65. We live in Upstate New York and meet every 4 to 5 weeks. We meet at a members home for appetizers, dinner, wine and our book discussion. We have listened to authors at our local Barnes & Noble, and had a phone conference and Skyped with two different authors. We won a contest and all received a free copy of the Sand Castle Girls by Chris Bohjalian. We have planned trips together, some of which center around books and others not so much. Everyone contributes to the selection of books. Sometimes we do not plan a selection for December but rather just go out to eat together for celebration and relaxation at a local restaurant. We have celebrated and or acknowledged birthdays, births, deaths, weddings, cancer free milestones, and retirements. We are held together by our love of books and each other.

    More and more of us are retiring every year and planning trips all the time. I am currently reading “Not In A Tuscan Vila” and plan to recommend it to the club. I know they would welcome some sort of meeting with the Petralia’s.

  2. Dear John and Nancy,

    I loved your book!! I chose it for our book club and we will be discussing it next week- could you please send a discussion guide? We have been together for over 13 years and live in lower Bucks County, PA. All of our kids went to the same catholic elementary school, and we all belong to the same parish. We are very well aquainted with the Jersey shore!!
    My mother was from Florence and my father’s parents came over from Sicily. They met during the war and my mom came over in 1947 with many other war brides. I have spent a fair amount of time in Italy, but because of your book am now inspired to become fluent in Italian. You are so adventurous and interesting, and it was just a pleasure to read your stories. Thanks for writing!!

    • Hello Jackie,

      I’m terribly sorry to be answering your request so late. I just discovered it while doing a site update. We were traveling out of the country at the time you left it and having problems with our internet service. Comments are always forwarded to me, but I’ve checked and I can’t find where your message got through. I hope your group’s discussion went okay and that you had a good time talking about living in Italy. I’d love to hear about your discussion.

      Molto grazie for your kind comments. I’m sure with a better grasp of Italian you’ll find plenty of your own adventures to share.

      Again, mi dispiace about not responding more quickly.

  3. I’m recommending Not in a Tuscan Villa to my book club and will be leading the discussion after we have all read it. I would very much appreciate a copy of your study guide. Molto gracie!

    My father-in-law was born in Gallo, Campo Basso, about an hour out of Naples and my husband and I have traveled to Italy a few times, but only for short (way too short!) visits. You have whetted my appetite to go again. I don’t think a year-long immersion experience is in our future, but even several weeks or a month would be wonderful!

    Your conversational style and candid sharing make the book a pleasure to read. I have so many dog-eared corners, they almost outnumber the unbent pages! I intend to re-read the entire book, starting with the dog-eared pages!

    Again, thank you!

    P.S. I’m a native of New Jersey (Cliffside Park), transplanted to Seattle, WA, at age 11 when my father went to work for Boeing.

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